Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 weeks and counting...

The specialty and wedding cake section of the program, as well as the exam, has thankfully come to an end. And boy, was this exam ever so challenging — I just barely finished everything that was required. We had to produce three cakes: an entremet, a pithivier, a torted buttercream cake complete with fancy-shmancy piping techniques, and a bouquet of gum paste flowers.

We did learn some pretty interesting cake decorating techniques, but quite honestly, it was my least enjoyed portion of the pastry program. Yep, I'm a simple girl, who likes her pastries gum paste and fondant-free.

Made of sugar, so it's technically edible

3-tiered fondant cake with stringwork and borders

So, I'm headed into my last quarter of the program with just 6 weeks left! This week starts off with breads, then we will move on to breakfast pastries, and finally, petit fours. Apparently, they have saved the best for last.


  1. Dawn! How did I just now discover your blog? Your cake turned out so nice!!

  2. Shut the front door, Laura! You're bloggin' too? I must follow your site!